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Winter Trekking
*Our Summer College Workshop is the perfect way to start preparing for college. Our program is designed to help you acclimate to the academic demands of college, develop important study skills, and become more independent learners. Stay tuned for more information!
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"Laura taught me WHY getting assignments in on time is hard. Now that I know about my brain-wiring I take steps to work around my issue. This has given me confidence that I can succeed. I would've been lost without Laura and the class. She explains things well, is kind, and is encouraging."


"I have a hard time staying focused and I get frustrated by that because I want to get good grades. This class has shown me what I am good at and how to use hacks to increase my focus. I thought it would be boring but Laura made it fun. My freshman year would've been so much harder if I hadn't taken the summer class."


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