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  • Hi, It's Me! I Have ADHD by Katelyn Mabry

  • My Brain Needs Glasses: ADHD Explained to Kids by Annick Vincent

  • My Whirling Twirling Motor by Merriam Sarcia Saunders

  • A Walk in the Rain with a Brain by Edward M Hallowell M.D.

  • I Can't Do That, YET: Growth Mindset by Esther Pia Cordova

  • Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak, Ph.D.

  • This Morning Sam Went to Mars by N. Carlson

  • Decibella and her 6 Inch Voice by Julia Cook

  • The Worst Day of my Life by Julia Cook

Middle / High School

  • Lights, Camera, Disaster by Erin Dionne

  • Focused by Alyson Gerber

  • Each Tiny Spark by Pablo Cartaya

  • ADHD: A Teenager's Guide by James J. Crist,  Ph.D 

  • The ADHD Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Gain Motivation and Confidence by Lara Honos-Webb

  • Mindfulness for Teens in 10 Minutes a Day: Exercises to Feel Calm, Stay Focused & Be Your Best Self by Jennie Marie Battistin



Websites / Podcasts

  • Healthy Children- the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website for parents has an excellent section on ADHD <HERE>

  • See in ADHD with Jennie Friedman podcast <HERE>

  • College Parent Central 

  • ADDitude's ADHD Expert Podcast <HERE>

  • CHADD Podcasts <HERE>

National Support Organizations


Children & Adults with ADHD

CHADD is the largest national support organization for ADHD. It provides education, advocacy, and support for children and adults living with ADHD and their families, as well as teachers and healthcare professionals. CHADD offers programs and services locally and nationally. Every year CHADD hosts a conference where speakers talk about ADHD and the latest research findings.

The CHADD website has a resource directory where you can find ADHD professionals in your state. Examples of those listed are physicians, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, learning center professionals, psychologists, coaches, education specialists, and camp professionals.


Attention Deficit Disorder Association

ADDA provides information and training resources for adults with ADHD, and promotes ADHD awareness. The organization also spearheads advocacy efforts (for example, advocating for ADHD treatment in correctional facilities). They also have virtual support groups. You can connect with other people living with ADHD, even if you live in a remote location.

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