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woman laughing and running in a field

N. V.

I learned what my strengths are... >

Teacher Helping Student

I have only known Laura a year and she has helped me with my ADHD tremendously. I believe that learning never stops for anyone and I think that is especially true for students with ADHD and other learning disabilities. I feel that students with learning disabilities are always highlighted in what they did wrong and what their weaknesses are. 


Laura taught me and helped me come to realize what my strengths are and how to optimize them. My weaknesses are nothing to be ashamed of but rather a fun challenge to discover something about myself to be able to grow and gain a new strength. I've loved working with Laura and being able to develop such a good student teacher relationship with her but also a friendship.

Roseann W.

All kids are wired differently... >

Kids Running

We are so grateful to have Laura in our lives the past 5 years. I can’t imagine how much more of a deficit my son would have if not for Laura’s help. With having three children, I originally compared them to each other.  I didn’t know why my oldest son was so hyper and impulsive. I didn’t even know what ADHD was and I dint know how to help him thrive in his environment.


Laura helped my husband and I realize that all kids are wired differently and we can focus more on their strengths to help them succeed. She has given us so many tools for all of our children to flourish in their learning process! I couldn’t recommend anyone more!

D. W.

The anxiety I felt was diminished... >

Mother and Daughter

“Hiring Laura to coach my daughter in her sophomore year in college has impacted our lives dramatically for the better.  My daughter has learned about her individual brain wiring, strategies that can support her goals, and ultimately a self confidence that she was not experiencing before she coached with Laura. Laura’s calm and supportive coaching allowed my daughter to feel safe, understood and connected from the very first session.  The anxiety I felt, due to my awareness of her struggles and fear for her future success, was diminished as I could relax with the knowledge she was being coached by Laura.  

Bob S.

My deepest appreciation... >

Smiling Student in Lecture

I just want to thank you for all that you've done for me. I never would have made it without you and I'm very grateful. Just wanted to show you my deepest appreciation.

J. D.

Thank you for going above

and beyond... >

woman looking at camera

Thank you for continually going above and beyond your coaching requirements, for being so extremely flexible, uplifting and encouraging. Thank you for being on my team. I am so grateful for what you have been to me in my life. You have and always will be more than my ADHD coach! 

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